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Consumption Consumer

Consumption as word became popular from Adam Smith’s term consumptibility used in 1763 as a replacement for comestibleness (comeasttibleness) which was coined by Mandeville from comestible or edible based on comedere Latin to eat. Mandeville used the term for the opulence or virtue of prostitutes above honest women offering the conveniences and necessaries of life.

The idea is that anything of value derives its value from those conveniences and comfort it offers. In Mandeville’s view, prostitutes offer the rich a certain comfort; in Adam Smith’s view, treasures offer a value that can eventually be used up. (see Adam Smith’s Economics)

Consumer – one who consumes or uses the product of another.

Ashanti Akan Gold

Asante or Ashante or Ashanti in present day republic of Ghana in west Africa started as a union of trading people mostly the Akan, with a large market in Kumasi. Due to their persistent self-identity, they were regarded as a folk by the Europeans after 1700. Their leader sits on the Golden Stool to underpin their power on the gold trade. The high quality of their gold which was coined as the guinea led to a higher value of the guinea than the English pound. Their name Ashanti in fact  means ‘united in war‘, or a fighting union. (see Ghana)

Kumasi town in Ghana was founded in the 17th century by Osei Tutu, an Ashanti chief. The name comes from ‘kum asi‘ and means under the kum tree. It was situated at the location of the one kum seed that grew of the two trees planted by Okomfo Ankoye, the chief’s advisary priest.  (see Ashanti)

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